Monday, 29 September 2014

Fall Clothing Haul.

September is slowly coming to an end and Autumn is upon us, I have to say this is my favourite time of year. I am literally so excited for fall, Halloween and the colder coming months. I've recently picked up a few pieces for my autumn wardrobe to take me through the colder months, so I thought I would share with you a few of the key pieces that I've picked up recently.
The first place I've been heading towards is primark I love their cardigans as I pretty much live in a cardigan all year round and wanted some warmer ones while its not quite coat weather yet.

Primark Mohair Cardigan 
 I've seen so many people wearing mohair cardigans particularly in black I decided to pick this grey marl version it is literally the softest fricking thing I have ever worn, plus it really reminds me of the fur from ware-wolf mask, OK I know that seems weird but to me that makes it all the more cosy. I think I may have to get the black one as well its that cosy I'm going to get so much wear out of this I can tell. I cant remember exactly how much it was either £8 or £12 pounds as I took the tag off and put it straight on, its that soft dude!

 Pirmark Aztec print Bat wing style cardigan

This cardigan is more of  a heavy knit than the other cardigan and looks really nice on, I really like this aztec style I think it will look really nice with my style I wear alot of black and I think this will complement that and add a bit more dimension to any outfit.

I've been wearing skater dresses as standard recently, I thought I would pick up a couple more, cause, well, you can never have too many skater dresses right. I picked these 2 up from ebay and I'm really impressed they arrived supper quick and feel really good quality and are a really good fit.

I went for this 3/4 sleeve black and grey stripe one first of all as I thought it was really pretty and strips are always popular any time of year.  
Black Skater dress
 This is a short sleeve skater, I know short sleeves aren't very season appropriate but I get super warm and sometimes short sleeves are better for me as I wear cardigans all the time.

Ok so no haul from me would be complete without at least one pair of shoes and well I got 2.

Primark Cleated "Doc" Style Brogues
I have been obsessed with these shoes since I saw them in Kassia Poh's primark haul video. I wasn't going to get them as they were a little tight but I couldn't NOT get them. I love them so much. They do pinch my toes a little but I can work around that and for the rest of my feet they're actually quite comfy, I just have really odd shape feet. I think these will be really great for the colder months as the cleated soles will give so much more grip when its frosty and even snowy as I'm always so scared of falling over I dont think I'll be tumbling over as much in these.

Redtag Baseball pumps
I've been tooing and frowing about getting some white baseball pumps, I'm really glad I did though I can see me getting a whole lot of wear out of these I think their so versatile and go with everything.
Thats all the' clothing bits I've bits I've picked up recently for autumn/ fall what ever you want to call it. I hope you liked this post if you'd like to a fall beauty/ accessories haul let me know in the comments and I can get one up for you as I've bought a few new accessory bits recently.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Nothing but the tooth...

For about 2 weeks I've had the worse toothache so bad at one point I thought I was going to faint, yesterday I finally bit the bullet so to speak and went to the dentist, I fricking hate dentists I don't know why but I'm not a fan. They pulled my tooth and OMFG what a relief although it has still left me in pain.
So last night having taken enough painkillers to sink a small donkey... I couldn't sleep for shit which is so unlike me, I ended on getting up and having another coffee finally made to sleep at about half 1, a whole 3 and a half hours after my bedtime (yes I'm that cool I'm in bed for 9 on a Friday!). 
This morning I've waken up and I can definitely say any pain relief has worn off, I feel today shaping up to be a lazy day.I decided to utilise my time and decided I needed a change of scenery, hope you all like it, it took a lot longer than I hoped thanks to my little friend, yep chuck decided I was far to comfy and well this happened! 

I think I've done pretty well, I really like the look of blog now it looks more together, I feel like before it was a little mishmash. I like it! 
What do you guys think? 

Bourjois Rouge Edition Lip Colours

Hey-ho Peeps.

I mentioned this product in my Sleek Matte Me post, in that post I was unsure whether or not to buy the bourjois rouge edition as they were £8.99. I have to admit I couldn't resist and Superdrug had them on offer so I decided to pick the 2 had been particularly eyeing up.

I decided to pick up ole flamingo and nude-ist. Ole Flamingo is this beautiful bright pink it looks similar to the Sleek matte me Fanango Purple but is alot less blue toned, and Nude-ist is very much a your lips but better nude.Compared to the Matte me these are aot more balmy and are definatley more like lip glosses, but they do have a fair bit of staying power although I would say I prefer the wear of Sleeks lip cream.
Ole Flamingo

As I said their very balmy and dont seem to set as well on the lips as the Sleek ones but I've given them all a fair trail as with my Sleek post I've tried the same thing with these so you can see how they wear and over how long.


Thursday, 31 July 2014

Sleek matte me

Hey-ho peeps

I love a bold lip wether it's a purple or a red I think a statement lip colour looks fab especially when your eyes are shielded behind glasses. I've previously struggled though when it comes to finding a lip product that lasts more than 5 minutes and doesn't transfer off as soon as I have a not so cheeky fag. 
I've seen a lot about the new bourjois rouge edition velvet liquid lipsticks but at £8 in store I wasn't too keen to run out and by any just incase they weren't up to the challenge of staying put on a coffe guzzling smoker so when I saw sleeks similar version of liquid matte me  lip colours I thought I'd give it a whirl and I'm really glad I did. 

I opted for this bright pinky purple shade called fandango purple, it applys really nicely and despite what I've read I find that it goes on really smoothly and evenly. I love the colour I think it's a really great bright shade for summer and boy does it last I'd say I can get a good 3/4 hours out of this product without having to reapply.

 It can transfer a little if I've licked my lips or if I have anything to drink but saying that I'm super impressed with this product and will definitely be getting some more of these I may even try the bourjois ones or the make-up revolution version to compare if they can last any longer but either way this has to be my favourite lip product by far. 


Saturday, 17 May 2014

My glasses arrived!

Hey peeps.
So in my last I was waiting my my new glasses to arrive and they have. I am so happy with them only the Phyllis glasses have arrived and I love them! They are awesome the lenses are perfect they match my prescription and I can see so clearly with them. I love the shape of them and I think they suit me and my face shape. I am so happy with them and they arrived really quickly in my opinion for an overseas sender.
So these are they are and I love them 
They are awesome! And the site I got them also offers 50% off your frames for your fist order so these were a real steal they were just $39 dollars to begin with so for $19.50 you can't go wrong and they are really good quality. The site is if your after a new pair of glasses id definitely recommend checking them out.  I'm glad I did.

Sunday, 11 May 2014

New Speccies...

Hey-ho Peeps,

For the longest time I've wanted cat-eye glasses but not wanted to fork out the price tag that goes with them, recently while scrolling through the world wide webby thing I stumbled across a site called this is a glasses company based in the america. I was skeptical to order new glasses on line as i'm not 100% confident understanding the prescription there's far to many numbers for my liking but I couldn't resists the chance of a bargain and especially when it comes to glasses. So I thought I would take full advantage of the exchange rate and their 50% off your first order, Who wouldn't? add to this the fact that the frames I wanted were only $39 I really couldn't say no.


These are the frames I went for, they're very similar to a pair of costume glasses I've had for a while but they have no lenses in them so have just been lurking around, I've thought of getting lenses for them but have found that having lenses put in them to be a little pricey to say the least so when I saw these I jumped at the chance.

The website has a "try-on" feature so you can upload a photo to see how they would look on.
Photo: Thinking of getting these glasses what we think? Do they suit me? #glasses #cateye

So this is the try-on image of how they should look on I really like the shape of these and think they will compliment my face shape and I love the retro vibe of them.

I also picked a second pair to take full advantage of the 50% off offer and chose these ones which are very similar shape but are purple as I thought they would look good with my hair as I've been  dying it a deep purple colour recently.
Margie - Full Rim Cat Eye


These are very similar to the Phyllis glasses, but a different colour I like these which were just £29. I think they're cool and pretty funky and also I have hazel eyes and purple is meant to compliment my eyes, OK that wasn't really the reason I wanted these it was just I just thought they were cool and reminded me of Dame Edna, and for $29 who could refuse.
The delivery for these is estimated as 8-12 days costing just $9.95 which I don't think is too unreasonable for shipping from USA to the UK.
For both pairs plus lenses and delivery the total came to just £26.99 which you cant deny is a cracking bargain, all being well and they have the correct lenses and arrive in good time I will write a review on the
 glasses themselves but for now I cant wait for them to arrive to see what they actually look like on and if I can see through them as I said I'm not 100% sure I understand the prescriptions they give you at the opticians so hopefully i'll have gotten it right.
So until then.