Friday, 6 November 2015

My Motivation #1


In my last post I spoke about how being asked to leave my old job made me want to make a a change to my life and loose weight, another part of my motivation was looking down and seeing the monstrosity, my body had become. I've never been a particularly body positive person when it comes to my own and I am not happy being this way I don't like being fat and its not how I intend to spend my life.

Remember that Reebok advert "belly gunna get ya!" well that's how I was starting to feel, I felt like I have no control over my body and that my stomach was getting out of hand, it hurt carrying it around now I some of you may find the following grouse and I agree its not pretty but I feel I need to share this to show just how bad things have gotten....

I know right its like me and the Reebok advert could be belly twins. I am sorry if this offends anyone but it will never offend anyone more than it does my self. This is my motivation to remind me of where I been and where I don't want to be again.
It a long journey but I hope that one day I will have a body I can be proud to show off, one that doesnt resemble an 1990's advert...

Tash x

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